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The Definitive Ranking Of Life's Toughest Choices

If only we could have it all.

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13. Adopt a cat or a dog?

12. Take the stairs or wait for the elevator?

11. Send that passive-aggressive text to your ex or not?


10. Straighten your hair or wear it curly?

9. Drink regular soda or diet soda?

8. Fold 'em or hold 'em?

7. Cruise the highway or the scenic backroads?

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6. Sip on a beer or whiskey?

5. Work out before or after work?

4. Shower tonight or in the morning?

3. Eat a hot dog or a hamburger?

2. Hit snooze one more time or get out of bed?


1. And finally, hug or high five?

Gone are the days when you have to pick one or the other. Have two entrées on one plate thanks to Applebee’s Take Two Menu.

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