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The 12 Emotional Stages Of Deciding What To Order For Dinner

There are SO many options.

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"It's been hours since my last meal. Oh, hunger, how I feel thee..."


"What will I get? I could literally eat absolutely anything!" / Via

"Oh dear. No one told me the menu was going to have more than three options. Now what do I do?!"


"I know how to throw the waiter off my trail. I’ll just ask my friend how their week has been. That’ll stall ‘em…"


"My plan isn't working! The waiter just keeps coming back. And now I'm REALLY hungry."

BBC One / Via

"Oh how I hunger for three of the appetizers, two of the entrées, and all of the desserts. 'Choose,' they say. I can't! I won't!"


"Maybe the waiter can help me with this impossible choice. Waiter, between the salad, the sandwich, the chicken, and the pasta, what do you think?"

Columbia Pictures / Via

[Bites nails] "This is getting too complicated. 'Those are all very different things,' the waiter says, mockingly. WELL, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!"


"There’s no time. THERE’S NO TIME. Friendship is at risk and dignity is lost. C’mon, brain… we can do this."


"Is now a bad time to suggest just forgetting the whole thing and going home?"


"FINE. I’ll decide. Thou have made a decisive person out of me!"

Soul Pancake / Via

"It's all over now! There's no going back! Or IS there...?"

Can't make up your mind? Never fear! With the Applebee's Take Two Menu you can now order two entrées on one plate. Decision making just got a whole lot easier.

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