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15 Real Struggles Only Indecisive People Understand

No matter how basic, every decision is the hardest decision.

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3. Picking out a birthday card for Aunt Barbara being impossible.

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"So, hmm, all right, she's turning 50, so, nothing too serious about her age. I'll go for humor. OR wait — maybe something thematic? But time-out, I always fall for the funny card. Maybe she'd like something sentimental this year..."

4. Determining what to watch on a quiet Tuesday evening.


Congratulations! You finished Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black. You will now have to schedule three hours to contemplate what to view next. Hope that couch is comfy.

7. Going shopping, because what starts as an innocent trip to the shoe store turns into an all-day extravaganza.


And you somehow return home with three pairs of pants, chocolate milk, a blender, and a Cockatiel named Dinky. Oh, and NO new shoes.

8. Having a friend extend an invitation to a show after work when plans haven't been made yet.

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Do you lie about already having plans because you know you shouldn't go out on a work night OR do you go out because you haven't been seizing the moment lately? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HARD?!

9. Hoping that one day, one very fine day, it takes less than three minutes to pick out which kind of toothpaste to get.

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There, there. You already know that once you decide, you're going to instantly regret it.

13. Selecting a housewarming gift.


"Do I get some beautiful fresh flowers? Ugh, but the flowers are just going to die. Can I get away with just giving a bottle of wine? But wait... do The Parians prefer white or red? F&%$!!!"

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