14 Terrible Things About Eating Lunch At The Office

Eating your lunch at the same place that gives you constant stress is never a good idea. It’s time to step away from the computer, set up your Industrial Strength Lunch Decoy, and head to Applebee’s.

1. You open the office refrigerator and have to find your lunch in this beautiful mess.

chelseakaitlyn_11 / Via instagram.com

2. Sometimes, you realize somebody stole it.

MTV / Via tumblr.com

3. Or worse, YOU accidentally grab the wrong lunch.

4. If you need to heat up your food, you have to wait for everyone to use the only microwave.

5. And wait next to people you’ve never uttered a word to.

6. Slowly, everyone’s heated frozen meals combine into one smell that’s just plain wrong.

7. When you finally get to the microwave you’re greeted by this masterpiece.

Dylan orcutt / Via instagram.com

8. You pray your leftovers look more appetizing after they’re heated up.

César García Marqués / Via instagram.com

And 99.9% of the time they don’t.

9. If you sit in the break room, you risk that chatty guy from accounts sitting next to you.

10. And the coworkers across from you that don’t know how to eat with their mouth closed.

11. If you want any kind of peace and quiet, you have to sneak away to your desk.

12. However, there are high risks involved there, too.

13. Your coworkers manage to find you and ask you a question right when you take a bite.

It’s okay, they’ll wait.

14. And your boss can call at any moment and you’re expected to drop everything.

Basically, you’ll never win with lunch at the office.

Go ahead, set up your Industrial Strength Lunch Decoy and get out of the office.

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