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12 Signs Hanger Is Creeping Up On You

Hanger: a harmful mix of hunger and anger. AKA: NEED. FOOD. NOWWWWW!

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1. Hey there, little soldier... you feelin' hungry?

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2. So hungry that you're feeling MAD about it?

3. You're physically ANGRY and taking it out on everyone around you.

4. Perhaps your hands are trembling because you just thought of eating some sweet, delicious French fries.

5. Your blood sugar is dropping by the millisecond.

6. Even the littlest thing starts to feel like a really big deal.

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7. You forgot what the term "happiness" means, as nothing else in the world matters right now.

8. The mere thought of choosing what you're going to eat seems like an unsurmountable challenge.

9. You feel so lost and alone, as no one else understands your hanger struggle.

10. Come to think of it, you could literally eat anything.

11. And everything standing in your way is doomed for destruction.

12. But you really only need one bite of something to hold you over.

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