13 Signs You’re Developing A Man Crush

We’ve all had one. Nothing wrong with a little bro-mance.

1. You buy more drinks for him at the bar than the girl you were hitting on all night

Dude, let me get that.

2. You start trying to work out with him

Hey man, wanna go on a run?

3. The thought of a bro-trip gets you pumped

Yea bro, we can totally drive there, its only like 7 hours.

4. You start dressing like him

Yo dude, where did you get that shirt?

5. You start filling up his inbox with links at work

Seriously, this shit is crazy.

6. You order the same drink as him….. every time

“Bro. What is this? It’s so good……”
“It’s a whiskey coke.”

7. You start acting like him

Sweet moves, man.

8. You text him first thing in the morning … even if the sun isn’t up yet

Austin Pollock

It’s 6 AM, brah. Chill.

9. You find yourself a little too interested in his personal life

Fox Television

Yea man. I would love to meet your fam.

10. You start changing your teams

Dude, no way. I love the Yankees.

11. You become his real life Spotify

Austin Pollock

This song is soooo epic…

12. You start making plans for the whole weekend

Columbia Pictures

So much going on this weekend bro.

13. You are willing to sacrifice yourself to be a good wingman

Anything for you, man.

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