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Are You A Liar? Here's A Cool Way To Find Out.

Uh oh! . If you’d like to find out if someone is actually lying, there are seven magic words that might reveal the truth.

Exercise Can’t Undo Harmful Effects Of Sitting

Time to literally take a stand against chronic disease.

Husband Makes A Video Compilation Of Himself Teasing His Pregnant Wife. He's Lucky She Has A Sense Of Humor.

"Oh shut up.". Related: A Bunch Of Toddlers Looking Like Old People Is Exactly What You Need To Brighten Your Day.

The Sand In The Sahara Makes Zero Sense

Go home sand. You're drunk.

These Movie Sets Still Exist Even Though They Are Empty

From "Lord of the Rings" to "Field of Dreams."

20 Photos That Actually Aren't Photoshopped

But... how?. Fake photos are all over the Internet.

This Video Might Forever Change The Way You Think About Sharks

So NOT how you would expect a shark to react.

This Guy Will Convince You That All Taylor Swift Songs Should Be Done On The Violin

Chills.. But Jang says he tries not to think about all the attention. "I'm just really glad that most of the feedback I get are from polite people with encouraging things to say. I feel really grateful for that."

Stephen Curry Continues To Wow The World With Unbelievable Skill

He's on fire!. In case you weren't counting, all of that took a grand total of JUST THREE SECONDS!

Complete Strangers Tell One Thing They Regret In Life

"What I did last night.". Unless you are Robby Williams and wrote a song about having "No Regrets," it's likely that there are things you'd do differently if you were given a second chance.

He Filmed Himself Learning To Dance Over 2 Years

What a transformation. . That journey is quite impressive. From some simple footwork in socks on day two to the amazing Jackson-esque routine at year two, you can tell dedication and hard work pay off, even if you are self-taught like Neiland.

A Powerful Video Combats Sexual Violence With 1 Question

Trigger warning: depictions of sexual violence.

When Her Classmate Called Her 'Ugly,' This Girl Had The Best Response Ever

"Bye bye. See you later. You're making me mad."

Which Bad-A** Woman From History Are You?

To celebrate Women's History Month, find out which of these women you have the most in common with.