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12 Things Only ASMR Fans Will Understand

Ever have an orgasm in your brain? You're not alone.

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4. Finding a video that is both tingley and informative.

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I'm ashamed to tell my mom that this is how I learned to properly fold my clothes.

5. Re-watching the same videos over and again, trying to recapture that original sensation.


I can get it back. I can feel that way again. All I need is one more video, and I'll be good. I promise.

6. Being in awe of the amount of work that goes into these videos...

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This is not just an impressive ASMR video, but an impressive youtube video period. It's like if Ridley Scott directed a tingle vid.

9. The excitement you get from discovering a new treasure trove of tingles.


There's nothing quite like finding a new ASMRtist or a new type of trigger that sets you off. Christmas come early!

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