15 Signs Of A Loser Boyfriend!

Everyone has that friend with a miserable boyfriend. Spread the word. It’s time to move on.

1. He doesn’t have a job

I’ll pay you back…

2. He asks to borrow money

And you gave it to him…

3. Your parents, friends, pets hate him…

Especially your dad…

4. He still gets high all the time

Don’t worry—- mom will never know.

5. Sometimes, you think deep down, Oprah is talking to you

6. He lives at home

Sneak in? Bedtime? You’re a grown man!

7. He does not have a car…

But you tell your friends that he “pays for gas”

8. He has “Plans”: Finish College, Get a Job, Start a Company

Just about everything… but never gets them done

9. Your friends reaction that you’re together

10. He’s got no ambition

11. He Won’t Get a Haircut

Which makes your dad love him even more.

12. So you’re always trying to explain…

13. But, he’s got some sort of impressive mind control

14. He doesn’t contribute or helpout

15. When other guys realize you’re dating him…

16. When you think about your successful Ex

17. One day, You’ll look back on this time

18. The best part, when your friends find out you broke up

Forget about him! Move on!

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