Aaron Falita
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    • Aaron Falita

      Simply put, LL Cool J, skill for skill is one of the greatest hip-hop artists ever. He has survived 30 years. I mean they call him an old rapper but he’s only 2 years older than Jay-z and maybe 5 years older than Nas. They are all in the same age demographic. The difference is Cool J has been at it since he was 15 and been damn good at it. Of course there are missteps. Of course not everyone is going to like him but he has had a fascinating and remarkable musical career and post musical career.
      Back to the music, check out the song “No Airplay” and you’ll see just how remarkably talented this man is with a microphone. No hype man, no crew, battled legends who disappeared years ago. People say that he makes music because he’s broke or desperate to do so. Nope. I believe he does so because he genuinely loves music and wants to work with disparate people on his own terms. That’s it. Music doesn’t sell anymore. Not like it used to. He has 17.9 million people per week watch his show and he’s still hungry to create.  Yes there are missteps but HE STILL can rap better than 90% of the rappers today.  He may not be the GOAT, but HE’s damn sure in the conversation. His run has been remarkable and continues to be so.

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