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    5 Reasons Why My Dream Car Should Be Your Dream Car

    Do you own a car? I don’t, but I do get to drive my mom’s on occasion. If you’re like me, you’re itching to spend the big bucks that you may or may not actually have on some fancy wheels (cue Beyoncè on radio as you delicately hold Perrier in your non-driving hand). Here are 5 reasons why the Acura ILX is the car you need in your life.

    1. Everyone will take notice of how good looking you are.

    This car has a sunroof. A sunroof, I tell you! No one will be able to help but notice how hot you are (as in, both attractive and very sweaty) when you’re hangin’ your head out of your new sunroof, Ferris Bueller style.

    2. You can afford it.

    I think I speak for most Millennials when I say that any affordable car is a good car. However, a luxurious and affordable car is an even better one. While Acura is doubtlessly a luxury brand, the ILX 2017 starts out at about $27,990. That's only $239 per month! The average price for an entry-level luxury vehicle is about $40,000. The ILX sure ain’t pocket change, but a luxury car for that price is a pretty good bang for your buck.

    3. You’ll feel like the young professional you’ve always wanted to be.

    Who knows, you might even stop eating Chef Boyardee for two meals a day.

    4. It will bring uncomfy phone calls with Uber drivers to an end.

    “I don’t see you.”

    “I’m right here.”

    “Where’s ‘here’?”

    * Uber driver says some location 2 million light years away *

    * You cancel the ride *

    * You are charged because you cancelled, but you cancelled because your driver was on Jupiter *

    * You are sad *

    5. It drives like smooth jazz.

    Driving the Acura ILX 2017 is so smooth it could be jazz, butter. It drives even smoother when you find out that it’s hella safe with ~dusk sensing headlamps~ and an ~emergency braking assistant~.

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