YouTube Redux (Videos)

Check out all the top-20 YouTube most-subscribed channels from February, 2007 and the videos that launched their buzz.

20. digitalfilmmaker - 18,969 Subscribers

Ask A Ninja

19. HappySlip - 19,471 Subscribers

Mixed Nuts

Happy Slip has since made her channel private.

18. blamesocietyfilms - 20,039 Subscribers

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager

17. TheHill88 - 20,148 Subscribers

Embracing Awkwardness 101

16. renetto - 20,972 Subscribers

Diet Coke+Mentos=Human Experiment

15. impytherap - 21,125 Subscribers

Nobody’s Watching Part 1

14. Danielbeast - 21,194 Subscribers

Daniel Responds

Up here only because he lonelygirl15’s best friend.

13. abbegirl - 22,158 Subscribers

Midnight Snack

12. LisaNova - 22,792 Subscribers

Lisa Nova Does P. Diddy

11. boh3m3 - 24,652 Subscribers

No Swearing

10. GayGod - 25,763 Subscribers

Gay God sings to Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom

9. thewinekone - 31,366 Subscribers

Hotness Prevails / Worst Video Ever

8. BaratsAndBereta - 32,545 Subscribers

Completely Uncalled For

7. WilliamSledd - 34,207 Subscribers

Ask A Gay Man: Denim Edition

6. Brookers - 35,917 Subscribers

Crazed Numa Fan

5. geriatric1927 - 36,472 Subscribers

first try

The Internet Grandpa (his new moniker) is still pumping out a video a week. He is now in his mid-80’s!

4. miarose - 38,741 Subscribers

Me singing Heaven

3. CBS - 45,297 Subscribers

Meltdown Of The Year

Back in 2007, YouTube was a community and not a big corporate video dump. People posting videos on there own, with no financial backing could become a “star”. These days, it’s far more difficult.

2. smosh - 49,801 Subscribers

Mortal Combat Theme

1. lonelygirl15 - 80,654 Subscribers

First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

Today, there are 66 channels with more than 1,000,000 subscribers each! Today, her subscribers total would rank her at #1745 (according to VidStats).

I used The Internet Wayback Machine which took a snapshot of the most subscribed on 02/04/07.

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