21 Examples Of Angry Birds In Real Life

Don’t provoke these fine specimens.

1. Angry Bald Eagle

Stop trying to swim away from me, Adolf Fishler!

2. Angry Blackbird

Feel my death glare.

3. Angry Blue Jay

Allergies piss me off!

4. Angry Bluebird

I can’t stand what humidity does to my feathers.

5. Angry Buzzard

Hey fox, I will bitch-slap you from heaven.

6. Angry Cardinal

Step away from the bird feeder!

7. Angry Cock

How about we stop this and attack those jerks watching and hollering at us?

8. Angry Crow

How would you like to be outdoors in the rain and wind 24/7? I don’t so I caw and peck at carcasses. You may be next!

9. Angry Dove

I don’t care what Prince says. I kill. I do not cry.

10. Angry Duck

(Nag Nag Nag)

11. Angry Finch

A worm once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

12. Angry Goose

Get off my damn lawn!

13. Angry Grouse

When I saw your frock outside, I thought, that it looks very familiar — It feels reductive.

14. Angry Hawk

You are a rude, thoughtless little pig!

15. Angry Mockingbird

Yes. I will judge you. Turn around and I will make wise about your pasty white thighs.

16. Angry Pelican

Oh I do not like you. Get out of my office, now.

17. Angry Penguin

That’s the last time you will mock my stroll. I will digest you tomorrow if you keep it up!

18. Angry Pigeons

I just want you to feel the wrath of our feces.

19. Angry Robin

No, I will not rock for you. Have you any idea how many times I heard that reference?

20. Angry Seagull

I’m sorry. There’s no room for a duck on my pond! GTFO!

21. Angry Turkey

You will not hunt me down like you did my entire family. You bastards!

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