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    21 Examples Of Angry Birds In Real Life

    Don't provoke these fine specimens.

    1. Angry Bald Eagle

    2. Angry Blackbird

    3. Angry Blue Jay

    4. Angry Bluebird

    5. Angry Buzzard

    6. Angry Cardinal

    7. Angry Cock

    8. Angry Crow

    9. Angry Dove

    10. Angry Duck

    11. Angry Finch

    12. Angry Goose

    13. Angry Grouse

    14. Angry Hawk

    15. Angry Mockingbird

    16. Angry Pelican

    17. Angry Penguin

    18. Angry Pigeons

    19. Angry Robin

    20. Angry Seagull

    21. Angry Turkey