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Thoughts Everyone Has Had When They Haven't Worked Out In Forever

"I should probably go to the gym today..."

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"How long has it been since I went to the gym?"


Tries counting on fingers until giving up...

"I will definitely go to the gym tomorrow"


*Sets alarm on phone*

*Next Morning* "Oh God why did I tell myself I'd workout this morning I'm too tired"


"No I need to fulfill this promise I made to myself"



"Ooh I forgot how comfortable workout clothes are"

"What if the person scanning me into the gym asks me when the last time I was here?"


"They won't ask me that, right?"

"Oh God I hope I don't make a fool of myself there"

"Ugh there are so many people here working out"

"Uhhh what do all of these machines do? Why are there so many?!"



"Woo I'm doing so well I can see why people love exercising!"

"No I take that all back this is exhausting"

"But I kind of feel good? This is confusing for me"

"I'm so proud of myself I did so well today"


"That was an amazing workout"

"My body is so ready for summer"

"I did so well today I deserve this cupcake for dessert"

"I had such a productive day today, I'm going to sleep well tonight"

*Next Morning* "Dear God what have I done I can't move my body without crying"


"I'll try again in a few months"

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