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    This Chinese "MyIdol" App Is Creepily Entertaining

    This app is incredibly entertaining, creepy, and quickly consumes your day.

    If you haven't heard about this app, here's what you do:


    You take a selfie and the app will animate it so you have a little animated version of yourself.

    The only catch: nothing is in English.

    It's also the top trending search in the Apple App Store, so it should be easy enough to find.

    After you take a selfie, the app animates it and you can then customize your little person to look as much like you as the app will allow.


    Be sure to line up the photo properly or the results can be a little frightening.


    Once you're done creating, you can make it do little dances that range from singing opera, to dancing on a stripper pole, to singing "Let it Go."

    As creepy (and slightly terrifying) as this app is, it's super entertaining — not to mention time consuming.

    Have fun!

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