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The 23 Stages Of Finals Week As Described By Gifs

"I am 100% certain that I am 0% sure of what I'm going to do."

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1. When you realize that you only have a week left of classes.

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2. But when you try to have a good time the weekend before finals this is what occurs.

3. And you repeat this to yourself on a daily basis:

4. So you decide to catch up on all of the reading that you've been putting off.

5. So you start spending hours on end in the library and every time you return to your room this happens:

6. And you know that you only brought this on yourself.

7. But regardless, a few days before finals start you're insanely motivated.

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8. You start banging out research papers right and left.


9. You've slowly grown comfortable with the lack of sleep you're getting.

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10. Your roommate has found you in this position numerous times in the morning:

11. So it's the night before your first final and you're in desperate need of sleep.

12. You wake up the morning of your first final like:

13. And you're repeating this to yourself:

14. And you finish your first final and know that you still have a few more finals to take.

15. Half-way through your finals you're starting to get delirious.

16. And every morning of a new final you wake up with this thought:

17. But then you finally finish your last final of the semester.

18. And you just want to do this with your class notes you won't need anymore:

19. And you're waiting for your grades to come out and you tell others this is how you feel:

20. But inside you're really feeling like this:

21. But then your grades do come out and you did better than you expected.

22. So you decide to celebrate:

23. Until you realize this is all going to happen again next semester.

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