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I Pretended To Be Princess Jasmine On Tinder And This Is My Story

I was just a princess looking for her prince, but willing to settle for a street rat.

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It all started out of boredom and curiosity.


A few days ago when I was bored I decided to go on Tinder (because as everyone knows, its a good time killer). Except this time instead of going on my personal tinder I decided to put in the extra effort and make a profile for Princess Jasmine.

I was curious to see what kind of response a Disney princess would receive on a dating app. I assumed she'd be well-received but who can really be sure until someone tries it?

I figured Jasmine would be the perfect princess to create a profile for. She's beautiful, has great hair, sassy, and exotic and I knew I could work with this.

So I went about creating my profile, specifically choosing her pictures and writing her bio.

And here's what ended up happening:

In the first hour alone Jasmine racked up almost 100 matches! She's pretty popular apparently.

And then the messages started rolling in...

Here are the final stats:

-In 24 hours alone Princess Jasmine had over 200+ matches (and continues to grow daily).

-She received messages from about 60% of the guys that she matched with.

-And she received 3 "super likes" from guys on tinder in one day (very impressive).

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