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27 Truths Anyone Who's Always, Always Hungry Understands

So... what are we eating for dinner?

1. People always say to you, "you're eating again?"

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Yes, and what's it to you?

2. You're a firm believer in the age-old phrase, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." But also, so is lunch, your mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and your midnight snack.


3. Your idea of a dream date consists of them buying you food and leaving you alone to eat in peace.


4. Whenever you go to a friend's house you sometimes ask what there is to eat before you even say hello.

New Line Cinema

5. You know the struggle of being hungry before bed, but also of being too lazy to get up.

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6. Sometimes, you put off brushing your teeth at night because you know you can't eat anymore once your mouth tastes of mint.


7. And when you wake up, you're hungry like you've never eaten.


8. People ask you "where do you put all that food?" And you're all, "I don't know, my stomach?"

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9. If you work in the food service industry, it is your own personal hell. Because you ALWAYS want to eat.


10. You feel hungry every few hours, and you swear your body is like a clock.

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Well I'm hungry again... so it must be about 3:00.

11. You plan your outings around when and where you can have a lil' snack. Or three.


12. When at any social gathering, your absolute natural instinct is to find the food table.


13. You embody the term "hangry," like, 19 hours of the day.

New Line Cinema

14. Whenever you're in a bad mood, your friends know exactly how they can cheer you up.


15. You love watching the Food Network but you know you'll be starving.

Food Network

16. You live for the moment when people ask you to decide where you want to eat.


Pizza, tacos, and burritos, oh my!

17. You don't chew your food -- you inhale.


18. When people ask what you want to do tonight your suggestion always includes the obvious: A meal of some sort.

Olive Bridge Entertainment

19. You'd rather be around food than people. Obviously.


20. Thanksgiving is the most important day of the year and you have specific pants for that most blessed day of eating.


21. Sometimes you'll see food so perfect you just stare at it, speechless.

Burger King

And probably start drooling.

22. You carry a spare snack with you at all times in case the place you're going doesn't have food.


23. You don't understand how people can sit through a movie without any candy.


24. You dread the moment when someone asks you for a bite of your food.


25. And you absolutely hate it when someone sneaks a bite of food off of your plate.



26. You also don't understand how people can pay so much for clothing when it could be spent on food.


Like, do you know how many cupcakes I could have bought with that $50?

27. And you're probably hungry now after reading this.

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