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    25 Reaction Tweets About "The Bachelorette" Guaranteed To Make Any Bachelorette Fan Laugh

    "That guy just KILT it. (His chances)."

    1. Early on fans were already making predictions for the season.

    Going out on a limb now and predicting that the Canadian dude ends up murdering someone. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @jennyandteets / Via Twitter: @jennyandteets

    2. Puns were used at the contestant's expenses.

    'I'm not wearing any panties'? That guy just KILT it. (His chances). #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @mametown / Via Twitter: @mametown

    3. One contestant taught the entire nation about what not to do when walking out of the limo.

    Racist joke and a kilt. This guy can't lose. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @SeanLowe09 / Via Twitter: @SeanLowe09

    4. The show once again was creative when it came to some of the men's occupation.

    Wait, his job title is Canadian? #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC

    Twitter: @GMA / Via Twitter: @GMA

    This also applied to the "Bachelor Superfan."

    5. Juan Pablo tried to chime in with his opinion and the fan-base was not feeling it.

    NOBODY ASKED YOU PATRICE! #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @KristenGBaldwin / Via Twitter: @KristenGBaldwin

    6. Some fans just had a single, simple wish.

    I hope the dude in the kilt sits on Santa's lap. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @Possessionista / Via Twitter: @Possessionista

    7. Fans were having a good time making jokes about the guy who showed up as Santa Claus.

    What Santa's gift should be...#TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @OnlyInBOS / Via Twitter: @OnlyInBOS

    8. When you know this is what the produces were thinking that night.

    Production sees these goofballs and they're restocking the booze #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @NickPetersonTV / Via Twitter: @NickPetersonTV

    9. A lot of fans got lost in the beauty that is this group of men vying for JoJo's love.

    Nick S. looked like a smaller Chris Hemsworth and then he did a split and I forgot where I was going with this #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @macebanks / Via Twitter: @macebanks

    10. And the show gave us all a new pick up line to use.

    "OH my God bless America" might be my new pick up line. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @PrincessProbz / Via Twitter: @PrincessProbz

    11. Even joined the fun for the premiere.

    97% of women say they want a man who makes them laugh. 0% are looking for Santa. #TheBachelorette.

    Twitter: @Match / Via Twitter: @Match

    12. A lot of fans immediately loved contestant and former NFL player Jordan Rodgers.

    Woah hold up there is an attractive NFL player on #TheBachelorette?? So if JoJo doesn't choose him

    Twitter: @ManderPander720 / Via Twitter: @ManderPander720

    13. The premiere taught us that JoJo doesn't have the best poker face when it came to the guys.

    Top 3 are Chad, Luke and Jordan. JoJo almost slipped in her own puddle when Jordan got out of the limo. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @BarstoolTrent / Via Twitter: @BarstoolTrent

    14. The amount of fragile masculinities at the rose ceremony was staggering.

    I love this celebration of fragile masculinity. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @hannahorens / Via Twitter: @hannahorens

    15. One of the contestants absolutely looked like Jim Halpert and Twitter couldn't get over it.

    Okay that is 100% Jim Halpert, come on... #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC @johnkrasinski

    Twitter: @GMA / Via Twitter: @GMA

    16. JoJo wondered why the guys were all nervous but it was pretty obvious for everyone watching.

    Maybe it's the dozen producers, cameramen and sound techs listening to them from 3 feet away that make them nervous. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @SeanLowe09 / Via Twitter: @SeanLowe09

    17. But of course the blazers are just slightly too small so as to show off their muscles.

    Jojo ends up getting seriously injured under the crushing weight of all the blazers put on top of her. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @michcoll / Via Twitter: @michcoll

    18. Seriously the resemblance to Jim Halpert was alarming.

    "Well I used to work at a paper company and was married to a girl named Pam." #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC

    Twitter: @GMA / Via Twitter: @GMA

    19. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Jordan was the frontrunner.

    so, jordan is 100% winning, right? like, can i go home and sleep? #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @ClaireEFallon / Via Twitter: @ClaireEFallon

    20. When Jordan and JoJo kissed and you could hear the country sigh in unison.

    "I'm goofy, oh I'm goofy." Is the HOTTEST thing to hear pre-kiss. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @aidybryant / Via Twitter: @aidybryant

    21. When the entire country knew who really deserved the first impression rose.

    "I'll be right back." -- Jojo walks onto the driveway and feeds her first impression rose to the horse. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @michcoll / Via Twitter: @michcoll

    22. When Luke taught men everywhere how to get on a woman's good side.

    Luke bought JoJo shoes. All men everywhere TAKE NOTES #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @twentystruggles / Via Twitter: @twentystruggles

    23. When you really can't argue with this guy.

    At least 1/3 of these guys would eat another human for sport, no hesitation. #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @AndySwift / Via Twitter: @AndySwift

    24. When this was the moment we all knew we could trust JoJo as the next bachelorette.

    Only after seeing @JoelleFletcher’s reaction to Jake Pavelka can I truly trust her #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @elliekrupnick / Via Twitter: @elliekrupnick

    25. And when Jake from State Farm showed up to the rose ceremony.

    Guys at the ceremony: "Who's that? Jake from State Farm? Well he sounds hideous." #TheBachelorette

    Twitter: @PrincessProbz / Via Twitter: @PrincessProbz
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