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23 Struggles Only Nail Polish Addicts Will Understand

♫ I want it alllllll.♫

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1. People judge you for owning "so much" nail polish, when you feel like you can never have enough.


2. You have multiple bottles that people call the "same color," but they know nothing -- the colors are just similar.


3. You literally PANIC whenever someone asks to borrow one of your polishes, because they could lose it, or worse, use it all up.


4. When new people come over, you try to hide your enormous nail polish collection out of mild embarrassment.


5. You don't like to think of the amount of money you've spent on nail polish.


6. Whenever your favorite brand releases new colors or types of polish, you can't contain your excitement.


7. You feel like crying when you're surrounded by the beauty of polish swatches.


8. You follow numerous nail polish accounts on Instagram, simply because you are addicted.

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9. You have multiple bottles of your fave polish, just in case it gets discontinued.

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10. And you want to cry and die when your favorite polish gets discontinued, or the formula gets changed.

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11. You know what color a stranger is wearing on their fingers after just a glance.

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12. You feel naked when you have bare nails.

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13. You DESPISE chipped manicures.

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14. You know the importance (and struggle) of proper cuticle care.


15. You try to imitate nail art, and *kind of* succeed. Sometimes.


16. You can barely ever decide on what color you want to paint your nails. Because there are so many options.

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"Maybe pink today... no, nude... no, this light blue... maybe dark red... no wait, matte..."

17. While you adore glitter nail polish, you never use it because it's a pain in the ass to take off.

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18. Nothing makes you want to celebrate more than when you finally find that *one* polish you've been searching for forever.


19. You hate tossing old polish bottles, but you know you have to do it.

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And you apologize to each bottle as you toss it in the trash.

20. You set a good chunk of your day aside so that you have ample time to properly paint your nails.

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21. But inevitably, one nail will smudge, and you will have to redo the ENTIRE nail.


22. You hate walking away from a pretty new polish that you can't afford to buy in a store.

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23. And there's NO ONE you hate more than the people that condescendingly ask you why you change your nail color so often.



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