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20 Times Nick Jonas Ruined Your Life With His Instagram Posts

Here, have some water for your thirst.

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1. When you decided you could die happy after seeing this single photo.

2. When you dreamt he was staring at you in this pic.

3. When you had a different idea about what he could use those chains on.

4. When you shed a single tear at his adorable throwback.

5. When goofy Nick still did bad things to you.

6. When you had visions of you and Nick drinking champagne in bed together.

7. When you found yourself loving fake-cial hair.

8. When you had visions of spending family time with him.

9. When you wanted to be a part of this squad.

10. When you would've given your arm and your leg to be one of these girls.

11. When you didn't think anyone could look this good in leather.

12. When you never wanted to be in any family more.

13. When you desperately wanted to crash this party.

14. When this gave you heart palpitations.

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15. When you had vivid dreams of riding in this car with him.

16. When you would've given everything you own to be this cab driver.

17. When you dreamed of him serenading you to sleep.

18. When your new goal in life was to ride a jet ski with him.

19. When you found yourself saying, "yes good, very good."

20. And when you realized that this image will be burned in your mind forever. 😍

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