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22 Truths You'll Only Understand If Your Parent Was A Teacher

You were a star student, because you literally had no choice.

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1. You always did your homework. Not necessarily because you wanted to, but because your parent was watching like a hawk.


2. You were never allowed to push the dress code, because your parent had it memorized.


3. Not going to school just "because you didn't want to go" was NEVER an option for you.

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4. You were always one of the first to find out about snow days, because of the faculty phone tree.


5. If you attended the same school they worked at, sometimes you could figure out your grades before your classmates.


It was a blessing and a curse.

6. Parent-teacher conferences were a breeze, because your teacher and parent either knew each other or would bond over their job.


7. As a kid, you and your friends would play "school," and you always claimed the role of teacher.


8. And if anyone dared try to fight you for the title, they were dead meat.

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9. Your back-to-school shopping always started earlier than everyone else, because your parent had to get their classroom ready.

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10. At some point in your life, you actually dreamed of being a teacher.

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11. And you know with everything you've learned growing up, you'd probably make a great one.

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12. Having friends over as a kid was always great because your mom or dad was great around kids.


13. You've spent countless hours helping design and decorate classrooms.


14. And as a result you've developed a love for organization, labeling, and color coordinating.


It you.

15. You always knew the hottest gossip about teachers and students at your parent's school. Bonus points if it was the school you went to.


16. You had at least one teacher who was also your parent's friend, and they always tried to be buddy-buddy with you.


17. Your parent always tried to convince you that every teacher was great... even if they weren't.

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18. You ended up spending 99% of time with your mom or dad in the summer, simply because you were both home.


19. And you rarely went to camp, because your parent was home for summer break just like you.

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20. Going to college was not optional. It was mandatory.


21. You couldn't go anywhere without someone recognizing your parent as their teacher they had a decade ago.


They were basically a local celebrity.

22. And you felt like a badass knowing your parent was a big, bad teacher, so wouldn't trade your childhood as a teacher's kid for anything.


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