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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Had Braces

Let's be honest, orthodontists live to cause children pain.

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1. First of all, you weren't too thrilled with the idea of your mouth being laced with wire and metal.


2. Choosing which color to put on your braces always felt like you were choosing the next Spring fashion trend.


3. You felt like you were in a horror movie when the orthodontist lazily trimmed your wires and you were left with a bloody mouth.

The CW

4. You had so many cuts throughout your mouth from those metal brackets of death.

New World Pictures

Your mouth basically looked like a war-zone.

5. You tried using the wax to help, but the squares wouldn't stick for longer than 10 seconds.


No it's cool, I'll just live with the pain.

6. If you had rubber bands, you were always paranoid one would break and snap in your mouth.

20th Century Fox

7. And you hated taking your rubber bands out to eat — but it had to be done.


And you felt even worse if you were in public and had to take them out.

8. So many people told you "all the ~cool kids~ were getting braces" and you tried so hard to believe it.


9. You gagged whenever you had to get a mould of your teeth taken.

Walt Disney Pictures

10. Nothing will ever compare to the pain that is a palette expander.

The CW

Praying for anyone who had top AND bottom palette expanders AT THE SAME TIME.

11. You could never understand why anyone willingly got braces without needing them.


12. You had to pretty much be dragged into the orthodontist's office when you knew you were going to be getting your braces tightened.


13. And you couldn't eat solid food for days after having them tightened because it physically hurt your face and mouth to chew anything.

The CW

14. You struggled with deciding whether or not to show your teeth on a daily basis.


Teeth or no teeth for this picture?

15. When literally half your diet had to be cut out because of how much it hurt to eat, like, everything.

New Line Cinema

16. And all you wanted was a freakin' stick of gum, but were forced to have the "special gum for braces," and it never tasted the same.


17. You wanted to kill anyone who would say, "but your teeth are already so straight!"


Yes, I know, can you say that to my orthodontist?????

18. The worst feeling on Earth was when food got caught and you had to become a miner, digging out the food and extracting it.


19. Your orthodontist told you so many damn that you would be "getting your braces off your next visit" that you stopped believing in anything ever again.


20. But when you did get your braces off, it was like the world had opened up to you.


21. But then your orthodontist handed you retainers, and you realized you'd never, ever be free from the wrath that is braces.


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