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21 Reasons Why Your Childhood Best Friend Is The Absolute Best

Because they've been there for you even during the awkward years.

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1. When you finally see each other after a long separation period it's like you never left each other's side.

2. They taught you about trust since you've been friends forever.

3. They pushed you outside your comfort zone to become a better person.


Jumping off the high dive? Riding that roller coaster? You can bet they were behind you.

4. Your awkward years didn't bother them because they were awkward at the same time.

5. You're just as comfortable at their house as you are in your own home.


6. Because their family is also your family.

7. You can always talk about your hometown with them.

8. They've been through and supported you when you were going through rough times.

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9. They know you better than anyone because you went through all the adolescent firsts with them.

10. You love that you can be weird around each other.

11. Because you've known them for years you now have no shame or embarrassment around them.

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12. They taught you what you couldn't learn from your parents when you were younger.


You probably learned what sex was from your friend who learned it from their sibling.

13. You have the same childhood enemies, which bonds you.

14. You've done some stupid things together that you can laugh at now.

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15. And then have gotten in trouble numerous times together.

16. You'll always have great throwback Thursday material.

17. Whenever anything important happens to you they're the first person you want to tell.

18. Reminiscing is a favorite past time for you two.

19. Now that you're older seeing them being successful freaks you out a little.

20. But you're always going to support them because you know they're going to support you.

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21. Because you've been best friends since being children and you know that you're going to have years more of friendship.

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