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18 Struggles Girls Who've Been To The Beach Understand

♫ I got my swim trunks, and my flippie floppies.♫

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1. You always expect to get gorgeous, natural beach hair, but it really just turns into a tangled mess.

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2. If you wear sunglasses all day instead of a cute sun hat, you run the risk of getting that raccoon-eye burn on your face.


3. Deciding which shoes to wear, if any, is a bitch. If you DO wear them, walking in the sand is awkward. If you don't, you can burn your feet.


4. And if you decide to wear flip flops, you have to deal with kicking up all the sand onto your legs. UGH.


5. Once you find a spot and put your towel down, someone will get sand on it. Without a doubt.

6. No matter what, sand will end up anywhere and everywhere.

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7. No matter how much sunscreen you apply, you constantly feel like you're burning.

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8. No matter how warm it is outside, trying to go swimming is a challenge because the water is always so cold.

Adult Swim / Cartoon Network

9. If you go swimming and are wearing a strapless top, you're living in fear of flashing someone.

The CW

10. Once you're in the water, you immediately begin to play the game "dodge the seaweed."


11. The salt and the sand chip your nail polish quickly, but it's a sacrifice you have no choice but to make.


12. If you're on your period, it's an even worse experience than when you're NOT at the beach. Because you literally have nothing covering you but your swimsuit.

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13. The bathroom or port-o-potties are always SO gross and wet.


14. Trying to read a book seems like a good idea on the beach, but instead creates constant pain in your eyes.


15. If you wear glasses, you risk accidentally wandering away from your friends once you take them off, because you can't see.


16. Seagulls seem adorable until they come near your food and purse.

17. When you see a cute group of guys walk by, you try to act cute, but you're sweating and burning up, so it's even harder than flirting when NOT at the beach.


18. And you inevitably end up with a bad sunburn, even though you applied sunscreen all day.


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