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19 Times Matthew Gray Gubler Made You Love Him Even More

He's the definition of adorably awkward.

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1. When he posted this embarrassing throwback photo:

throw back to that time Paget hit me in the crotch on the red carpet


2. When he shared this ~actually realistic~ drawing: / Via

3. When he showed his darkly inventive side:

i want a big inflatable pretzel as an airbag so if i get into an accident there's a split second of laughter and confusion on impact

4. When he made a great Homer Simpson: / Via

5. When revealed his favorite things in the world and they became our favorites:

if someone says, "gube, you are going to love it" i automatically assume "it" has something to do with ice cream, ghosts, or mickey mouse

6. When he told us he had "hella foyers" in his home, and we were like, "yes, we believe you": / Via

7. When he accurately said what every Halloween lover thinks on the daily:

8. When he made it clear he was the only person to be able to ever be able to pull off this hat:

9. When he made us realize that salads definitely take themselves too seriously:

i eat a lot of vegetables i just feel like salads take themselves too seriously and would wear turtle necks to the beach if they could

10. Whenever he showed major love for his fellow actors:


11. Like, come on. How great is this?

12. When he revealed one of his most eccentric visions:

looking forward to the day i'm finally eccentric enough to carry an umbrella in the sun


13. When he looked like Mary Poppins: / Via

14. When he was patriotic AF while also being confusing AF: / Via

15. When he showed that he was thrifty and cared about skin protection:

confession: i've never purchased sunscreen in my life. i just borrow it from family members and people i rub against in the subway

16. When he shared that he was a "Mommy's boy" and your heart melted:


17. When he shared this photo of his *wild* European adventures: / Via

18. When he was truly grateful and humbled:

anyone who is still following me after this is awesome

19. And when he was the coolest person on Earth with not one, but two Razor scooters:

Never change, Gubler.


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