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18 Times Matt McGorry Proved He's The Man Of Your Dreams

Officer Bennett just gets it.

1. When he knew what "lady problems" were:

2. When he was just as excited as you about the new season of OITNB:

I'm not sure if you all know that I'm as excited to see the new season of @OITNB as you guys are!!??!!? 😍😍😍 #3days

3. When he could joke about anything, including church:

Sunday nun day...ya know...cause church and stuff.

Via Twitter: @MattMcGorry

4. When he was supportive and loved the woman who plays his baby mama in a show:

5. When he supported equality for all:

Let us remember that Caitlyn and other trans folks' value shouldn't be valued solely based on how much they look "convincingly cisgender"

Via Twitter: @MattMcGorry

6. When he shared what keeps him up at night:

1 of life's great struggles is determining how much soap will get a cup clean enough to drink from vs being sudsy after u rinse it 20 times

7. When he used the word "doodyheads" seriously and owned it:

Sometimes I find it helpful to remind myself of that when I get angry reading peoples' (aka intolerant doodyheads') hateful comments

Via Twitter: @MattMcGorry

8. When his desire for validation on social media matched yours:

When ur tweet is on point but not enough people fave/RTd so u screenshot it & share it on ALL your social media channels 4 more validation

9. When he combined his two loves, feminism and coffee:

10. When his dad jokes were...such dad jokes:

Skipping the Google Glasses and holding out for Apple's eyeball replacement technology system...The iEye. #captain #dadjokes

11. When he loved cookies as much as you do:

I'm sorry but if you have chocolate chip cookies in your home and I'm hanging out DEY GONE GET EATEN

12. When he spoke the truth about going to the Apple Store:

If you're going to the Apple Store, you better hydrate, piss, shit, and bring a snack bc you could be there for 20 min or 5 hours

13. When he shared this momentous occasion:

Look. I'm not trying to brag or say that I'm better than anyone...but I learned to tie a tie today. So...yea.

14. When you could envision your life together:

You know it's been a good night when you find yourself googling "how to get chocolate ice cream out of grey jeans" at 3:31am

Via Twitter: @MattMcGorry

15. When he shared this video of him working out and you melted:

16. When he proved he's just like everyone else:

17. When he joked about the single life:

Ur sad they no text u back? How you think the tooth fairy feels, broke as fuck w a necklace of ur teeth, hasn't heard frm yo ass in 18+ yrs?

18. And when he understood the meaning of life:

Life is about finding that perfect balance of being a fuckin gangster but still bringing a jacket to dinner in case it's chilly