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18 Times Kate Middleton Won The Game Of Life

She knows how to win this game called life.

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1. When her and William got on the Jumbotron in New York:

2. When she made this series of faces:

3. When she awkwardly laughed and flexed her arm muscle:

4. Throughout the entire wedding ceremony:

5. When she did this majestic motion with her hair:

6. When she showed off her killer dance moves:

7. When some lucky fan caught this adorable laugh:

8. When she went in for a handshake but was left high and dry:

9. When she got really into the ping pong game:

10. When she was a total geek over Harry Potter:

11. When she freaked out when she visited the set of Downton Abbey:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

12. When she got really invested in a Wimbledon match:

Pool / Getty Images

13. When she made this face and we could all relate to her:

WPA Pool / Getty Images

14. When she slayed on her wedding day:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

15. When she had a casual conversation with Beyoncé:

16. When she made this confused look that we've all given at one point:

17. When her and William had the adorable Prince George:

WPA Pool / Getty Images

18. And when they added to their beautiful family with the adorable Princess Charlotte:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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