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17 Things You Experience When You're Just "Talking" To Someone

Do I introduce you as my "friend," or what?

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1. You have no idea how to introduce this person to other people.


Are they just a person you know? Your "friend"? A random human that lives on this planet?

2. You haven't been on a real date yet, but you're also not quite sure when... or if... it'll even happen.

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3. Since you don't know each other that well, you feel like you have to slowly ease them into how weird you actually are.


4. Your means of communication pretty much consists of texting and sending each other Snapchats.


And of course, being your MOST charming self over the internet.

5. And you flirt by "liking" each other's pictures on Instagram, or favoriting each other's tweets.


6. You avoid talking about your feelings with them any way possible, because you don't want to freak them out.

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7. You're not sure if you should even MENTION them to your parents yet.


"Sure, we're not official, but how would I even describe this situation to my parents?"

8. You have no idea if they're talking to other people besides you, but you're always wondering.


9. You can't help but wonder if they deleted their Tinder app for you.

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10. Even though you're just "talking," you've still envisioned your future together as a couple.

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11. But on the other hand, you realize that you might have a fear of commitment, or maybe you're fearing that THEY have a fear of commitment.


12. And you are dreading the conversation about what the future holds for you two.


13. You're forever balancing being ~cool and aloof~ while still being sweet and flirty.


14. Because you've only been talking, you imagine that when you do get asked out on a real date, you'll probably get nervous AF.

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15. But you also realize that the other person could easily ghost on you, and you hate that.


16. If the "kind-of-relationship" ends badly, you can't even call them an ex. Because you were never official.


17. And throughout the whole thing, you keep telling yourself that you're OK alone -- to keep yourself from getting hurt.


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