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16 Struggles People Who Don't Express Much Emotion Know To Be True

"You know I love you, so do I really have to say it?"

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1. People constantly ask if you're OK.


"Yes, I'm ecstatic. Can't you tell?"

2. You've lost a friendship or two because you didn't tell them how much they meant to you.

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3. The same goes for any relationships you may have had.

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4. People have asked why you always look so mean.


5. But the plus side of looking intimidating is that random people on the street don't stop you to talk.

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6. Touchy-feely people sometimes make you uncomfortable.


Please back away from me.

7. The same goes for people who wear their heart on their sleeve.

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8. Your parents have questioned why you don't say the word "love" a lot.


9. And when your partner said "I love you" for the first time, you panicked.

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10. You tense up when anyone pulls you into a hug.

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11. You feel uncomfortable when everyone else in the movie theater is sobbing except for you.

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12. When you do cry, you make sure you're alone and that there's no chance someone will walk in on you.


13. And comforting other people who are crying is a real struggle.


14. You tend to use sarcasm a lot, but it doesn't always go over well.


15. People often interpret your accidental resting bitch face to mean you're actually angry or upset.


16. Being forced to share your emotions with others is your worst nightmare.


But, overall, you own the fact that you're emotionally unavailable.

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