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14 Struggles Every Girl With An Irregular Period Will Understand

You didn't choose this irregular period life, it chose you.

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1. You struggle with loving and hating your irregular periods at the same time.

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Pros: Not every month.

Cons: Absolutely no idea when it will arrive.

2. It's completely normal for you to skip every other month.

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"Well, I skipped January, so I'll most likely get it February."

3. Although, if you're having sex you get to have extra anxiety about possibly being pregnant.

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4. You have a period tracker on your phone, but you don't believe it.

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"It says I'll get it tomorrow, but we'll just see."

5. Because of that you're very in tune with your own body.

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If you can't trust a phone app what can you trust?

6. You rejoice when your period decides to skip the entire summer.

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"It's like it knew I'd be in bathing suits!"

7. You have absolutely no idea when your period will decide to arrive.



8. The horror when your period decides to stay longer than it should have:


"This has been going on for too long, right?

9. And it makes it even worse if it's heavier than usual.

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10. When talking about periods with your friends you get death stares when you say yours is irregular.

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If looks could kill, am I right?

11. You've thought about going on birth control, but it'd be a hassle.

And it would mean regular periods and I don't know if I'm ready for that...

12. You tell yourself that you'll make sure you get regular when you're older and want children.


We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

13. You've had constant fears that it's going to be super hard to get pregnant when you actually want to have children.

14. But for now you'll enjoy this blessed irregular period life.


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