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    • apd2zn

      I agree with this article 100%. I’ve always hated this movie because Santa, the elves, and the other reindeer are such jerks. Outcating Rudolph because he’s different? Or Hermey because he wants to be a dentist? It literally goes against everything we tell children, that it’s “okay to be different”. If this movie has come out in the last decade, I guarantee it would have flopped, but only continues to air year after year because it is a “classic”. I, for one, refuse to let classism and nostalgia create the rose-colored perception of this movie as a holiday given.

    • apd2zn

      In a LA-set mockumentry style sitcom, partners Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an emotionless cop, but has a passion for crushing crime, and Nick Cannon, a don’t-play-by-the-rules with a hard-ass exterior and softie interior, get stuck with Emma Watson, a newbie cop who constantly points out JGLs and Nick Cannons shortcomings. James Franco is the chill cop that is content with just writing speeding tickets, but gets involved on the Pilot case, and his crime acumen is sparked. Maya Rudolph plays the office manager who likes to prank her coworkers. Anderson Cooper joins as the Police Chief who has only a serious face, and Sir Ian McKellen has episode appearances as the aloof mortician who builds crime-scene replicas out of Legos. Finally, no team would be complete without the Lab Squad Geeks of Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Ferris, the set of Stanford grad biochemists, but their real dream - and where they met - is being actors.

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