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13 Reasons The Stars Of "A.P. Bio" Shouldn't Actually Be Teachers

What would the real Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt be like running a school? Let’s just say we’re glad NBC’s new show A.P. Bio is fiction.

1. Patton would be too goth for the goths.

I tried hanging out with the Goth kids in high school but they ostracized me because I was too depressing.

2. Glenn would team up with the class clown.

Hey man, just so u know, every time I walk by your office I think your name is Dr. Motherfucker.

3. Patton's extracurricular activities might get in the way of his job.

Semiotics professor Patton Oswalt calls his TA to see if he’s holding before the weekend.

4. Glenn would SMH at everything students say rather than actually teaching.

Bro-in-law just came back w donuts. My nephew decided to bless the meal starting with: 'Dear Lord, thank u for sugar...' #kids

5. When grading papers, Patton would have some interesting edit choices.

Just texted "take breaks" to a friend but I mis-typed and auto correct changed it to "rage breathe" and I think that's better advice.

6. Not to mention his grammar.

Here’s to, an error-free use, of commas in 2018!

7. P.E. with Glenn would be severe.

I have a decision to make. Be happy or have abs.

8. Same with Patton a totally different way.

Just farted at the gym and stopped to make sure everyone around me had headphones on. #theydid #dignityintact

9. Zoology with Glenn would be extremely stressful.

10. This is what Patton believes is required reading for history class:

Instead of expensive history textbooks, play Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The FIre" on a loop in America's high schools.

11. Student drivers probably wouldn't want Glenn as their driving instructor.

Driving with no shirt on is frickin' #sweet

12. Patton's lesson on daylight saving time would be a little bleak.

Remember, spring "ahead", fall "oh great the days are getting shorter what's the fucking point anymore this is a broken world" #lifehack

13. And in health class, Glenn would have some questionable advice on hygiene.

I'm out. Last piece of advice: Next time u take a shower, try covering yourself in plastic first. I swear won't get wet at all.

It’s probably for the best that Patton and Glenn only work in a school on a TV show. Watch the two stars in NBC's brand-new comedy A.P. Bio!

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