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Ways To Help The Environment

Save the planet; we only have one home!

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Recently, there has been growing concern about our environment, especially with the silencing of environmental data. It can be overwhelming to try to do it all yourself, but big change can be made with little steps if we all work together.

1. Walk to your destination if it is within walking distance.

Ashley Paskill

Walking is a great way to get exercise in and it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Get activity trackers for you and your friends and compete to see who walks the most.

2. Recycle

Ashley Paskill

Check with your trash company or other companies in your area to see what their recycling policies are. Recycling reduces the amount of trash in landfills and reduces the amount of new materials that need to be used when making products.

3. Do not disturb animal habitats.

Ashley Paskill

If you see an animal's habitat, like a bird nest, do not move it or destroy it. This habitat is their home and they need it in order to live. Be gentle if you must work around it.

4. Take public transportation or carpool.

If you can, take public transportation to your destination. Even if it does not drop you off exactly where you need to go, you can get close enough to walk. If you prefer to drive, see if others need to go to the same place at similar times. Doing either of these helps reduce the amount of carbon in the air.

5. Only grow native plants.

Growing plants that are not naturally in your area allows native plants to be overtaken by outside plants. Animals such as birds and insects rely on native plants for food and survival, so exotic plants are a big environmental no-no.

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