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Signs Of An Old Soul As Told By Hall And Oates

You're an old soul, you (haven't) gone to far.

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There's one in every crowd. The young person blaring Queen or Madonna through his/her headphones. The person sporting a Ramones t-shirt. The person who thinks that "LOL" means "Lots of love." These people are known as "old souls," and they are a special breed of humans.

1. You go to “oldies” concerts.

Hall and Oates? Queen + Adam Lambert? You’re so there. And you don’t even care that you’re the youngest.

2. You don’t understand what’s so appealing about getting drunk.

Thirsty Thursdays are confusing and you avoid college parties like the plague to avoid drunken college kids.

3. The most recent trends are appalling to you.

Vaping? Kardashians? You’d much rather not.

4. You do not understand the most recent dance moves.

Grinding, whipping, and nae-nae-ing are confusing. You’d rather do your own thing.

5. You don’t understand how entitled “kids these days” are.

You didn’t get your first flip (yes, flip) phone until middle school at least and it was a prepaid phone for emergencies only.

6. You appreciate people coming to your door when they pick you up to hang out.

This is especially true if you’re going on a date.

Bonus: You write articles about being an old soul and create gifs with the intention of being able to watch one of your favorite band's music videos.

Newer music videos just don't live up to the videos of the past! Older videos were more than just random randomness. They told a story that fit with the song and the lyrics.

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