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12 Things That Everyone Needs In Their First Real Apartment

Time to throw out those lame college posters. Find the perfect place to make into your own grown-up human domicile on!

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1. A shower curtain that isn't clear and plastic.


Put your plastic sheet UNDERNEATH a nicer curtain — that way, when the plastic gets moldy, you can change it like a normal human instead of waiting for it to grow into an ecosystem.

7. Some bathroomware so your sink counter is actually neat and tidy.


A ceramic cup is the perfect home for that toothpaste you've been milking for 10 months because you keep forgetting to pick up a new one at the store.

9. A clean place to hang your towels!

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The layers of damp towels flung over each open door isn't really sustainable for anyone. (And we know how much you hate yourself each time you go and grab a musty towel after a shower.)