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13 Small But Sure Signs That You Are Movin' On Up In The World

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1. You don't have to think twice about adding guac to your burrito order.


Even though we all know it's extra.

2. The dentist tells you don't have any cavities.

Even though you have a notorious sweet tooth.

3. You manage to make it all the way through your workout without wanting to quit.

Universal Pictures / Via

Or wanting to cry.

4. You set a new high score on your old favorite video game.

CBS / Via

Which you haven't done since college!

5. There's a $20 bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in a while.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And didn't even know you had lost that money!

6. You remember how to correctly spell that word you always spell wrong. / Via


7. Someone compliments your new haircut.

Fox / Via

'Cause you finally found your signature style.

8. You treat your parents to dinner for the first time — even if it’s takeout. / Via

Because it's the thought that counts!

9. You finally become a regular at the diner in your neighborhood.

ITV / Via

Or a coffee shop, or a bar...

10. There's a new person in your department at work — which means you're no longer "the new guy."

20th Century Fox / Via

Which is great even if your boss's boss still refers to you as "Um. Hey. You."

11. You finally earn something free off your loyalty card.

AMC / Via

But the real victory is not losing that punch card along the way.

12. Those jean you haven't worn since freshman year of college fit.

Even if it takes a little wiggling to get them on.

13. You can treat yourself to fancy new bed sheets.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Egyptian cotton for the win!

There are tons of ways to move on up, and finding the right apartment is just one of them!

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