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12 Apartment Fails Every Twentysomething Has Dealt With

Six people, two bedrooms? Maybe it's time to move — check out so you can finally find a place you're happy with.

1. When your utilities were almost half your rent:

2. When you realized your neighbor has been enjoying all of your care packages from your mom:

3. When your landlord said the neighborhood was quiet:

4. When your AC unit always broke on the hottest days of the year:

5. When your landlord promised the fish smell "wouldn't carry":

6. When your landlord literally didn't answer your calls for months:

7. When you lived in an apartment with no windows:

8. When your apartment floor still looked dirty even when you put your heart into scrubbing it:

9. When the electricity went out all the time for no reason:

10. When your faucet NEVER turned off:

11. When there wasn't quite as much storage space as you expected:

12. And unfortunately, when there were more cockroaches on your counter than you could kill:

It's definitely time to move. Find your next apartment on