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13 Animals You Wish Were Your Roommate

We've all secretly wished we could trade in our bad roommates for a good pet! While that might not be possible, you don't have to stay with a lousy roommate. Maybe it’s time to move — check out to find your next place.

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1. This organized cat who will never be late with his share of the rent:

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2. This otter who will be there with a cold drink when you had a bad day at work:

3. This little guy who won't judge your social-media habits:


4. This sloth who will always be there for you when you're trying to figure out if the mean thing your boss said was directed at you or everyone:

5. This bunny who is always down to share greasy takeout — or his healthy snacks:

6. This kitty who will be happy to make your breakfast when you're running late in the morning:


7. This dog who will always watch your back when you're about to do something dumb:

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8. This puppy who will always be excited to see you, even when you're cranky:

9. This stylish cutie who will give you the best (and most honest!) fashion advice:

Senor Gif / Via

10. This dolphin who will be very hospitable when your friends from out of town visit:

11. This kitty who loves giving massages after you went a little too hard at yoga trying to impress your work boyfriend:

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12. This red panda who will be a great gym buddy when you're getting back into a routine:

13. And this cat who would love to stay in and play board games with you on a Friday night:

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