7 Photos From Mars That Will Make You Believe In Aliens

Lizards! UFO Sightings Daily Oh, NASA rover Curiosity, you make us so curious. Curious about images like this, which appear to show either camouflaged or fossilized lizards running around on Mars. A blogger caught this image, what do you think? Rats! Discovery OK, this really does look like some sort of rodent. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shot a photo of this little guy earlier this year. But after a closer look, and a little common sense, it's probably a rock. LIZARD RATS! UFO Sightings Daily The rock rats and rock lizards have begun to breed. It is only a matter of time before they... wait... WAIT, WHAT IS THAT?! Computer, ENHANCE! UFO Sightings Daily Oh no. It's too late. The rock rat lizards are already here. Beautiful Mars Ladies SciBuff.com The Internet has long been crazy about this photo, snapped by the NASA rover Spirit. She has a terrible choice in dress color though, doesn't she? Faces Wikimedia Commons The conspiracies go back to July 25, 1976, when this shot of the "Face on Mars" was taken by an orbiter. Do you believe yet? Hearts Wikimedia Commons Awwww. These are real photos taken of Mars' surface. But were they designed by extraterrestrials who know the human concept of love? Only the ETs know. Alien Heads Wikimedia Commons If it's a skull, it appears to have several eye sockets, a nose, and an embarrassingly large forehead. If it's a rock, it's probably not even a rock. IT'S A ROCK... LOBSTER!

HuffPost Weird News • 4 years ago