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17 Struggles All Girls Who Play Games Will Understand

"No I am not buying this for my boyfriend, thank you very much."

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1. Constantly being referred to as a "girl gamer".


That term is so 1998. Neither my hobby nor my gender defines me. How about I'm just one of the growing number of people from all walks of life who enjoy playing video games?

3. The assumption that, being female, you belong to the "casual gamer" market and all you play is Candy Crush and Cooking Mama.

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Come play a few friendly rounds of Ultra Street Fighter IV with me and we'll see who's casual, buddy.

4. The assumption that you’re somehow less of a "gamer" if you play Candy Crush and Cooking Mama.


Welcome to 2014, where games are for everyone. You and I might play Alien: Isolation and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but that doesn't mean everyone allowed to like games has to.


5. The injustice of being held to very different standards than your male peers.


"Oh, you play games? PROVE IT." Excuse me, but screw you. Didn't know I needed to pass a test in order to enjoy a thing. That goes double for calling out ladies who spend hours toiling over incredible cosplay outfits.

7. Wanting to livestream a Let’s Play for fun, but knowing that 90% of comments will be along the lines of “Hurrr, bewbs!”

But are any of those guys brave enough to challenge you on multiplayer and risk humiliation? Hell no.


9. The mixture of confusion and mild guilt that comes along with being attracted to Chris Redfield/Tifa Lockhart/your Dragon Age Inquisitor/any video game character voiced by Troy Baker.

They can uncanny my valley any day.


15. Being the only female who plays games in your office/social circle and automatically having to become a spokesperson for your gender.

The Pokemon Company / Via

How do I feel about [insert social issue affecting women in games]? All I know right now is I've had this conversation five times already today and I'm too busy collecting all the Pokemans to give an electric rat's ass.

16. Being told what you should and should not be or look like or act like by others online.


"THIS is a girl gamer." "A REAL girl gamer looks like this." There's the old ~Girl Gamer~ moniker again. Tell you what, how about I carry on being me, doing whatever that entails - including playing games - and you just learn to deal?

17. Continuing to save the world on a daily basis while the games community grows and evolves. / Via

Real talk: gaming culture doesn't always seem like the most female-friendly place, especially given events over the last couple of months, but things are changing - and there are loads of games and gaming communities out there embracing that fact. Play nice, everyone.