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    11 Gluten Free Halloween Treats

    It's all treat and no tricks with these Celiac-approved Halloween treats!

    Anyonita Green

    1. Frozen Boo-nana Pops

    2. Poison Toffee Apples

    3. Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins

    4. Gluten & Dairy Free Pumpkin Fudge

    5. Gluten Free Spooky Halloween Macarons

    6. Gluten Free Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

    7. Soft Chewy Chocolate Halloween Cookies

    8. Halloween Party Popcorn Mix

    9. Gluten Free & Vegan Raw Halloween Cookies

    10. Halloween Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    11. Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats

    Recipe here. Beware: not all rice krispies are gluten free.

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