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Guys, I have bad news. Yesterday was the last day, my sun glasses saw the light. At exactly 11.45 AM one of the side pieces first bended painfully and - after I started cpr - broke completely off. There were only a few other people present at the place of accident, but no one really knew what to do so we just watched them pass away.

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IT'S A TRAGEDY. I still am in disbelief how this could have happened so fast. When news spread, a lot of very loving and caring people started to express their condolences, which I would love to share with you.

This was beautifully written by one of my besties, Cathy, who has always been there for me as she is right now in these dark days.

After such a tragedy, you get a whole different view of life. It's important to stick together, even "when the sun goes down" [inspirational quote by Robin Schulz]. Also I might try wearing the sun glasses with only one side piece since people have been telling me that I look quite fancy with them and you guys probably know how hard it is to find a pair of sunnies that fit you just as well. In deep mourning, Anja

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