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Hi, Charlotte York Was The Absolute Worst "Sex And The City" Character


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Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are a famous, fierce foursome. They each represent some complex facet of womanhood: Carrie is the creative free spirit who struggles with domesticity, Miranda is a cynical lawyer who looks at love on purely practical terms, Samantha is a powerhouse both at her job and in her well-frequented bedroom, and Charlotte... ugh. Charlotte is The Worst. Here's why:

1. She's old-fashioned to the point of being sexist:

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Charlotte possessed some VERY naïve, even insulting ideas about women and their desires. I know she's the "traditional" one, but tbh she should go take a Women's Studies course. (~Allegedly~ she attended Smith College, but I don't buy it).

2. She has all these arbitrary "rules" about love:

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"It takes half the total time you went out with someone to get over them," she informed Carrie. Excuse me, what? No it doesn't. And this isn't the only dumbass relationship guideline she imposed on her friends: Remember when she announced that women only get two "great loves" in their lifetimes, because she read that in a magazine?! Um, Charlotte? Women get as many great loves as we want. Love should be messy and fun and unpredictable, not regimented and constricting.

3. Yet she needs a man to complete her:

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All the SATC gals craved romance and companionship and someone to share their lives with. But Charlotte's primary purpose every day she woke up was to find herself a husband. It's boring. It's a little desperate. Get a hobby, Charlotte.


4. She neglects non-romantic goals:

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Speaking of hobbies, remember when Charlotte was a gallerist involved in the NYC art scene? Yeah, me neither. She quit her job — which she was very good at — the second she decided to get married. When her friends asked how she's going to occupy her new free time, Charlotte explained, "I'm redecorating the apartment and I always wanted to take one of those Indian cooking classes. And sometimes I'll walk by one of those Color Me Mine pottery places and I'll see a woman having just a lovely afternoon glazing a bowl. That'd be a nice change."

OK. There's nothing wrong with a smart woman choosing to be a homemaker, if that's what she wants. But Color Me Mine? No, Charlotte.

5. She's too obsessed with social niceties:


Charlotte wasn't comfortable with herself. Or if she was, it was only in private. In public, she adhered to rigid societal expectations. At one point, she scolded her friends for "using the f-word in Vera Wang." Nothing feels better than a good "fuck" every once in a while, especially while trying on fancy unaffordable dresses. And Charlotte not pooping at her boyfriend's place seems even crazier. Denying herself a perfectly normal (and healthy) bodily function just so she can appear demure, delicate, or feminine is cause for concern.

6. Her marriage to Trey was... weird:


Charlotte's first wedding, to the rich but impotent Trey MacDougal, happened after only ONE MONTH of dating. And it happened because Charlotte was super anxious for him to propose even though, ya know, THEY'D JUST MET. If you want to get technical, Charlotte manipulated Trey into proposing to her by using a creepy hypnotic technique she learned from his mother. Then she got frustrated when she discovered Trey couldn't get erections. Maybe if you dated the guy for a few months before hopping into church together, you would've known this.

7. She's extremely superficial:

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A lot of the time, Charlotte seemed to care about looks above all else. The photoshoot she did with Trey for House and Garden Magazine was a prime example. She jumped thirstily at the chance to look like "the perfect couple" in their perfect house, eating off their perfect china, and wearing pearls. And although they were in the midst of a breakup, she still went through with the phony spread and forced Trey to be there.

Charlotte continued to care most about surface-level stuff until she met Harry, her divorce lawyer, and sparked up a relationship with him. She was reluctant to date him for real because he was bald and sloppy, but she eventually got over it and they fell in love. She even converts to Judaism for him, which was cool. But she still did all this so she could nab a husband, something she'd been obsessed with since Day One, so I'm right about her all the same.

8. Although she had one moment of redemption:

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You know what? There's one redeeming quality in Charlotte: Her hopefulness. She wasn't jaded, and that's refreshing in New York. This moment was one of the most beautiful in the entire series. It happened at a diner, late at night, after Carrie has had her heart broken yet again — and Charlotte suggested that instead of looking desperately for male soulmates, the four girlfriends should just complete each other. It's a wonderful sentiment — one I don't know if Charlotte necessarily followed through on, because she never stopped believing in The One until she found Harry — but still, it's the backbone of the show. These friends were there for each other when their boyfriends bailed and failed, and no series has depicted female bonds more convincingly.

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