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51 Times Rihanna Was The Most Fashionable Celebrity In 2013

Rihanna is a fashion goddess. #fashionkilla #cccertified

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17. That time she looked celestial in a white gown.

18. That time she accessorized with a blunt.

19. That time she ran across the desert in sneakers.

20. That time she wore this on the street:

21. That time she looked fierce in aqua.

23. That time she posed like a mermaid.

24. That time she was beautiful in a burqa.

25. That time she wore that crop top and words couldn't describe how immaculate she looked.

26. That time she proved she is one of very few people who can pull off a long denim skirt.

27. That time she presented her back to the world in a triangular cutout top.

28. That time she channeled early '90s grunge.

30. That time in Thailand she asked us to step up our swimwear game.

31. That time she only wore an American flag shirt.

32. That time she showed us how to properly dress for Carnival.

33. That time she was model-ready and we could barely handle it because she looked so good.

34. That time she wore this jersey dress and matching white glasses.

36. That time she looked like the chicest robot ever.

37. That time she emerged from her private jet looking so perfect, she stood there so we could take it all in.

38. That time she looked so, so, so tony.

39. That time she took the opportunity to educate us on how to accessorize for a rainy day.

40. That time she wore the matching yellow top and skirt.

41. That time she rocked bunny ears and looked so cute.

42. That time she wore a jersey dress better than you could ever wear one.

43. That time she channeled Marilyn better than anyone else.

44. That time she wore all denim everything.

45. That time she wore those knee-high cutout boots and a flawless print dress.

46. That time she stopped and posed because she needed to share that fashion moment with the world.

47. That time she looked better than art.

48. That time she matched her hotel room for fun.

49. That time she looked better than Terry Richardson in his glasses.

51. And that time she literally adorned a bunny-ear veil because she is fashion.