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19 Times Rihanna Proved She's The World's Fiercest Pot Head In 2013

@badgalriri smoked a lot of weed this year. These are the cannabis-filled moments she shared with the world on Instagram.

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1. That time she smoked chronic with Snoop.

2. That time she took a break from the "What Now" video shoot and got hazy.

3. That time she took that emo picture as she smoked that gange.

4. That time she smoked that kali on Halloween.

5. That time she took time to herself to relax and hit a blunt.

6. That time she twerked on that roach.

7. That time she waked and baked in a camo onesie.

8. That time she unapologetically smoked in this fan art picture.

9. That time she adorably blew sticky icky circles.

10. That time she was a street wear bride and puffed that good shit.

11. That time she got blazed in her hotel room.

12. That time she showcased her weed Valentine's Day bouquet before she smoked it.

13. That time she smoked to match her jacket.

14. That time she blew her mary jane smoke directly into the camera.

15. That time she smoked that marley.

16. That time she rolled an L in Thailand.

17. That time she smoked that cheeba with a flawless pink lip.

18. That time she casually laid on a pool mattress and blasted a joint.

19. And that time she celebrated 420 by firing up a long daddy and smoked it next to a weed cake.
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