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25 Times Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Were 2013's Most Fashionable Couple

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian actually look amazing all the time.

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2. That time they had the date in Paris and Kim wore a white feathered skirt and Kanye wore an adorable matching scarf and shirt.

7. That time they gave us Gatsby swag.

8. That time in Cannes when Kim wore a sequin dress and held Kanye's arm.

9. That time Kim went backless in Mexico and Kanye wore an oversize white kaftan.

10. That time they smooched in all white.

11. That time Kim covered up in a green dress and Kanye just held her because she looked so damn good.

13. That time they wore matching black silk outfits.

14. That time Kim pulled off nude everything and Kanye wore an amazing long blue coat.

15. That time they took a selfie before Kanye performed and looked casually flawless.

16. That time they wore matching blue jeans and white T-shirts and long coats and looked like off-duty models.
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