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The Evolution Of Voguing

Strike a pose, vogue, vogue, vogue.

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But in the early '00s, New Way and Vogue Fem developed in the underground ballroom scene and brought voguing back into the spotlight.

New Way is characterized by rigid movements coupled with "clicks" (limb contortions at the joints) and "arms control" (hand and wrist illusions, which sometimes include tutting and locking).

Vogue Fem ranges from Dramatics (which emphasizes stunts, tricks, and speed) to Soft and Cunt (which emphasizes a graceful, beautiful, easy flow). There are five elements of Vogue Fem: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, and spins and dips.

The dance group Vogue Evolution was featured on America's Best Dance Crew. They made everyone want to Leiomy Lolly!

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Because vogue blends fashion, dance, and music, artists often are drawn to showcasing it in their videos.

A Chris Brown dancer falls out in the "Kiss Kiss" video featuring T-Pain.


Azealia Banks, a Harlem native, uses a lot of vogue elements in her music.

In the video for the song "1991," she vogues and raps over some vogue music beats too. Banks also featured scenes from the documentary "Paris Is Burning" in her video for her song "Fierce."

And even DJs are playing voguing music in clubs.

Vogue music is a type of house music.