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21 Reasons You Should Only Wear Black

It's the epitome of chic.

1. It goes with anything.

2. Because Coco Chanel did it!

3. You feel so sexaaaaaay.

4. The little black dress.

5. There is no darker color.

6. Everything is always "the new black" — black is the OG.

7. It's chic.

8. It makes you seem cooler.

9. Black is slimming.

10. Which makes it the best color to swim in.

11. It makes you feel fashion.

12. It's the best color to wear to throw shade in.

13. You can wear any fabric and still look flawless.

14. Your blacks can match!

15. When you wear color it pops!

16. It's easy because it doesn't stain!

17. Black leather jackets.

18. It makes you feel so sophisticated.

19. It never goes out of style.

20. Because black is timeless.

21. And it works for all ages.