27 Times Olivia Pope Looked So Ridiculously Perfect And Beautiful And Perfect

She ain’t basic.

1. On Monday when she show stops.

ABC/Nicole Wilder

2. When she arrives at the adult prom looking better than everyone else.

3. When she gets fancy and accessorizes perfectly.

4. When she flirts with her man on the phone and she looks so incredibly adorable that even the POTUS is jealous.

5. When she meets wintry demands by wearing very very long leather gloves and consequently steps glove game up everywhere.

ABC/ Danny Feld




6. When she turns every sidewalk into a runway because there are LEVELS to this shit.

7. When she is in the privacy of her own home she wears silky pajamas, bath robes, and floppy sweaters that are ughhh too perf for words.





8. When she swims in matching swim cap, bathing suit, and goggles.

9. When she throws shade she is pretty damn cute.

10. When she wears the proverbial white hat, and still don’t look like a clown.

11. When she has her glass of wine after work she still looks classy AF.

12. When the mirror sneaks up on her, she is always ready.

ABC / Via tvfanatic.com

13. When she dresses in the morning she is such a pro.

14. When she is in a crowd she stands way the hell out.




15. When she wear pantsuits Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits get so jealous because they aren’t platform pump ready.

16. When she wears white after Labor Day easily. You mad?

17. When she passes a lime green snake skin suit off as right for the work place. Yes she did that!

ABC / Via screenweek.it

18. When she jogs in style.

ABC / Via voxygen.net

19. When she wears name tags and she still looks good.




20. When she put in those late nights she still glows.

ABC / Via glamour.com

21. When she looks flawless while drinking coffee.


22. When her blowout speaks for her because it’s always on point.

23. When she stops and time stops because she gives F A C E all the time.



24. When she looks sad she still wows.


25. When she is the best dressed commuter ever.

26. When she color coordinates with the iPhone, clear case and all.

27. And most of all she is smoking hot in a scandal because she is a gladiator in couture.

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